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The software application Radha Krishna Jewellery managed by Radha Krishna Jewellery a company incorported under the Companies Act, 2013 with its registered office at Ramanagar, Agartala, Tripura - 799002, India. Thinovate is not just another clothing brand that operates in the market. It's an IDEA that believes in evolution. It's a different perspective of looking into what we have today, and what we can make out of it tomorrow. Evolution is a part of being sentient. If something works just fine today, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved upon. We believe in the idea that every problem that we face today, and every problem that may be waiting for us in the future, has a solution. It's just a matter of finding it out. "Think - Innovate" is our mantra. At Thinovate Apparels, we strive towards evolving the way we do fashion. Our priorities are to the customers we serve. We are a Hyperlocal Business solely focused on the digital and offline market of Tripura. We are an E-commerce Business build to serve the people of Tripura. We connect the buyers of Tripura to the sellers of Tripura with the ever-growing power of Internet which has limitless potential. Our goal is to connect the offline market of Tripura to the people of Tripura from the convenience and safety of their homes. To give the local businesses a platform to showcase what they have in their stores for the customers. To enhance their reach and level the playing ground against other online competitors. Our vision is to create a market place where everyone is connected, from the buyer to the seller. To give a platform where all the small businesses can rise up to meet the competition that the fast-moving world offers. We believe in growing togated. Every business should have the equal opportunity at success. So, we work towards a future where Offline market is as accessible as the Online world.

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Radha Krishna Jewellery. is a company registered under Indian Companies Act, 2013.